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Comprehensive support service for workers on Construction Site

Our employees should concentrate on their work and let us deal with other matters. In case of employment of Polish craft workers and specialists in Germany many things have to be organized. Thanks to our comprehensive and thorough service, we deal with organizational matters for our employees to a large extent so that our employees can do their job. Each of our employees is assigned an HR Consultant who supports him and, what is most important, takes over many organizational tasks. Important: we speak English as well!

Our support service at a glance:

  • We properly prepare our employees for work in Germany.
  • Our team organizes suitable accommodation for our employees.
  • We organize language courses to prevent communication difficulties both in everyday life and at work.
  • We supply our employees with personal protective equipment and specialized high-quality tools. 
  • We support our employees during the process of setting up a bank account.
  • We support our employees in handling official matters.
  • We provide support in tax matters.
  • We take care of the health insurance of our employees and provide advice in the field of family health insurance
  • We ensure safety at work by visiting workplaces, conducting trainings in the area of health and safety at work and carrying out relevant accident analyses.
  • We support our employees in their efforts to obtain family benefits.
  • Our employees agree on all matters with their assigned HR Consultant. In language issues, the HR Consultants are supported by Polish- and English-speaking assistants.


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(We speak English, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian and German)

Fairness on the job

To us, a multiple award-winning employer, the welfare of our employees is important. That is why fairness, honesty and openness are particularly significant to us. We are not able to fulfill all of your wishes and demands but we do keep our promises. The above translates into fair remuneration, always paid on time, as well as job security. We make sure that each of our employees performs their work in well being as we are very proud of our international team.

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Our benefits for you:

  • Good work must be paid well, which is why our employees receive fair remuneration.
  • Each employee receives a contract of employment - usually a permanent one.
  • We offer our employees a flexible working time model with a ‘working time account’ thanks to which overtime is profitable and can be used as time off. 
  • Our employees benefit from our comprehensive support service. You do your job and we do the rest (general organizational matters, accommodation and travel). If you have any questions or problems, please contact the HR Consultant assigned to youin our branch.
  • We offer a varied working day: our clients are attractive in terms of the offered jobs and the employment opportunities are extremely interesting and attention-grabbing. Our employees have the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people, see new places and get familiar with new companies and enterprises.
  • We are very pleased with our qualified employees and proud of our trained and skilled staff. As one of the best employers, we organize and pay for various types of trainings, including, amongst others, training in the area of work at heights with hoist cranes.
  • Same remuneration for same work done. With reference to the above, we comply with collective wage agreements and all legal requirements. We also pay additional sector fees as well as negotiated and statutory equal pay which you can work for through your own performance. Treating all employees equally and fairly is self-evident and we don’t just obey to the legal requirement of equal treatment but appreciate our employees for who they are- as they are the most important part of our company.

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