Employee testimonials

What our employees say about us

Grzegorz Całka, welder

"My work for Piening started in 2015 in Gdynia with a German Language Immersion Course for 3 months which was paid for by the company. After successfully completing the course I started working for Piening as a welder. Thanks to Piening I was able to constantly improve my language skills during my work. Due to my conscientiousness and responsibility my salary has constantly been rising as well.

Thanks to my good work I was offered a job directly with the company I currently work for.

I am very pleased with my job. Without the help of Piening I would not have been able to develop the way I did. Piening definitely is a company worth recommending."

Tomasz Baczek, welder

"The company paid a German Language Course for me which I attended for 3 months (about 300 hours). Afterwards I signed an unlimited job contract with Piening and left for Germany.
To be honest I never thought I would actually learn the German language and work in Germany. Piening really cares for its employees.

Piening offers full support in the following aspects: accommodation, opening up a bank account, advanced payments, legal job contracts, etc. and also helps with applications for Child Benefits, provides work clothes free of charge and if necessary also professional tools, and last but not least Christmas Bonus and Holiday Pay. They also pay 500€ extra when you recruit someone to work for Piening. For every day of work I receive an Expense Allowance. I was able to constantly develop and improve my language as well as professional skills and my pay is transferred to my bank account on time every month. I can only recommend Piening – it is a very trustworthy company, they offer great support and service, etc."

Pavel Kopec, metal specialist

"I am a 45-year-old male from the suburbs of Krakow. About 4 years ago I was at the crossroads of my professional life – I was looking for a change and a new professional challenge. Then I was lead to Piening. Quite some time has passed since my first day with the company and it has proven me to have made the right decision.

The company’s big advantage is the fact that they look for job offers exclusively with verified companies – I am the best example. For about a year now I have been working for one of the world’s biggest companies in the production of agricultural machinery.  I have spent a lot of time on my own education. I also highly appreciate the personal contact with my assigned HR Consultant and other staff at the main office who offer great consultation as well as help in solving various problems.

I can strongly recommend Piening as a solid and trustworthy employer. I am not concerned about my future."

Krzysztof Owczarzak, electrician

"Before I started my job at Piening I worked as an Electrician for a company all over Poland. As I was at home only once every two or three weeks for a weekend I decided to try working for a foreign company.

From the first day I started working for Piening I have been meeting employees of other temp agencies on Construction Sites construction sites or in workshops which has enabled me to compare their job conditions with those I have at Piening. In comparison, Piening is on the plus side: employees of other companies are often badly equipped with tools or don’t have any at all and also often use their own private work clothes; their starting salary including expense allowance is lower and they are also not supported in formal matters but are often left on their own. That is the reason I have been working with Piening for many years now: I make good money thanks to which I can make my dreams come true and easily think about having a family. 

Piening also organized the professional recognition of my Polish apprenticeship in Germany which leads to my job being equally recognized as a German profession.
That in return enables me to work on higher valued tasks which equals up to a higher salary."

Mariusz Celep, welder

"My name is Mariusz Celep and I have been working for Piening since April 2014. When I started working for Piening everything was exactly the way I was told it would be.

Piening keeps its word. I have to admit that this company really has very kind and competent staff. Because of these very positive experiences with the company I have recruited three members of my own family. I was hired despite the fact that my welding certificates have expired and got the chance to renew my documents. Thanks to my conscientious work and my commitment I had the chance to constantly develop. One thing I have realized in the past is that looking for accommodation on your own when staying on a job for a longer period of time can be more beneficial, especially when you can ask other colleagues at work for help and ideas or negotiate better rates on site with the landlord.

I can honestly recommend Piening. I have not had any problems with the company so far."

Miroslaw Chwalinski, electronics technician

"I have been working at Piening for 1.5 years now and am very pleased. I am from Radom, where it’s difficult to find a well-paid job. It wasn’t easy for me to make the decision to work abroad. Without knowing the language you won’t go far on the German labor market. I saw a job offer as an electronics specialist at a recruitment agency. After the information meeting everything began to take shape: I took a German language immersion course which was paid for and organized by Piening. After completing the language course I signed a contract of employment and went to Germany to start work there.  I received working clothes and the essential tools from Piening. What’s more, they helped me complete all the necessary formalities.

In the past, me and my family of four couldn’t afford much. Thanks to Piening I can now work securely, make money and live well off it.

In my free time I like to visit neighboring countries. For me, working at Piening was a hit. I can recommend this company to all those who want to be independent and earn good money at the same time. The only downside could be missing your family. I wish you all luck."

Andrzej Chalupa, machines and devices mechanic

"It's hard to find a reliable and friendly company abroad. I’ve unfortunately experienced a few not so good and unfavorable contacts. I started my cooperation with Piening in 2013 and until today I cannot say a bad word about this company. The HR Consultants as well as other staff of this company are always very helpful and the salary is transferred to my account regularly by the 15th of each month.  I can recommend Piening  to others with a clear conscience."

Pawel Paczkowski, lectronics technician

"I used to work at Piening for three years and would like to share my experience working for this company. Based on my experience I can frankly admit that Piening treats its employees honestly and fairly. Each employee is assigned an HR Consultant who, in cooperation with the assistants, helps employee in all work-related matters.

My experience from previous workplaces shows that many German companies hire employees for work on Construction Site through various job agencies (often one person from a specific agency). Of course this has given me the opportunity to meet other employees working for other placement agencies and compare work conditions. I can say that Piening does very well  in the light of this comparison. This applies, amongst other things, to hourly wages, expense allowance, assistance in dealing with formalities, supply of work clothes, safety footwear, toolboxes (this one is very rare in many companies), etc. That’s why my opinion about Piening is very positive and I can recommend this company to anyone. I have now been contracted directly by a Piening customer which I couldn’t have achieved not working for Piening."

Piotr Rymut, machines and devices mechanic

"I come from Podkarpacie in Poland. My work adventure in Germany began in 2012 with a company from Rzeszów. Within two years I was able to gain a lot of interesting professional experiences related to working abroad. However, I was very unhappy with the irregular payment of remuneration for the work done.

In 2014, I started my cooperation with Piening. After two years of working for this company, I can honestly say that there have never been problems with punctual payment of salary and all promises have been kept. In addition, I can still learn the language and explore the country which inspired me very much. That's why I can recommend work at Piening to everyone."

Piotr Mijalski, electronics technician

"I have been at Piening as an electrician since 2014. My jobs with the clients are usually long-term because my continuous learning of the German language helps me to be more self-confident and therefore I can take on more complicated tasks. I must say the German language is very important here to show what you can really do.

At Piening, I feel I am in good hands because no matter what issues or matters come up, Piening supports me. Money is always on time, clothes and tools are provided, and I'm employed all year round. Unfortunately, this was not always the case in Poland."

Piotr Kusmierz, electronics technician

"I came to Piening thanks to my brother-in-law who is very pleased with his work at this company. After completing the language course in Poland, which was paid for by Piening, I was finally able to take up a job. The beginnings weren’t easy, but with a little effort, openness and willingness to learn the language, further cooperation became easier.

I would also like to plan my future, go on holiday with my family or be able to afford other things. Unfortunately, in Poland I couldn’t plan anything accurately, because I was never quite sure if I had had a job or got the salary for the work I had done. Currently, I am very happy to have gotten the chance to work at Piening and be able to show what I can do..."

Maciej Trzebinski, specialist in the field of metals

"I would describe my job at Piening as pleasant and stress-free. The office staff is competent and efficient. At the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure whether I wanted to work abroad at all. I was thinking a lot about my new job, about the people who work in such a system, and especially the language barrier that existed after all.

However, these thoughts and worries were unnecessary: in the end, I was very pleased with each job and the local personnel and staff were extremely helpful and hospitable. I can recommend Piening with a clear conscience to all those who want to work abroad."

Piotr Liper, electronics technician

"In June 2015 I completed my education in the profession of mechatronics at The Complex of Electronics and Telecommunications School in Olsztyn. During my apprenticeship I came across Piening. After graduation this company offered the graduates a job. In collaboration with our school Piening organized additional language lessons and prepared us thoroughly for work in Germany. In spite of everything I was a little nervous. My professional knowledge was very good but I lacked experience. Thinking about working thousands of miles away from my home also made me a little anxious. However, Piening helped and supported me in every aspect.

Today I earn good money and can afford the things I couldn’t before. Recently, my girlfriend started working in Germany as well. Now we can enjoy our life together."

Maciej Hanus, electronics technician

"I have been working for Piening since 2014. Before I started my work there I attended a German language course in Poland which was fully organized and paid for by Piening. I can only recommend taking part in such a course to those who intend to work in Germany. You shouldn’t come to Germany not knowing the language. The course lasted almost four months but it paid off. In addition, Piening took care of all formalities (health insurance, tax office, accommodation, etc.).

I am currently working in the maintenance of rail vehicles. This job gives me great pleasure and I am very happy with it. I like the fact that all allowances related to a given industry are also included in the remuneration. Employees working at Piening can rely on the team's HR consultants and assistants. Also, the salary is always paid on time."

Andrzej Byrczek, electronics technician

"I have been working at Piening since June 2014. Before that I had been working for a large Polish energy supplier in Poland for a long time. But as a result of the restructuring of the company I suffered financial losses and decided to find a different  job.

At the same time I learned that Piening was looking for well-trained electricians for work on Construction Site in Germany. Together with other candidates I took part in interviews conducted in Katowice. There a Piening employee explained everything to us: we received detailed information about work, pay, holidays, and general working conditions of course. We were also offered a free German language course in Poland. Together with about 10 others I accepted the offer and started attending the language course. It lasted about 3 months and was perfectly organized. Then everything went very fast. At the end of the course we signed employment contracts in Katowice and within a few days we started our new job in Germany. Piening arranged all the necessary things for us such as accommodation, health insurance, and a bank account. Since then I have been working for the same Piening customer who highly appreciates my many years of professional experience gained in Poland. Of course, before starting work I was full of doubts whether everything would happen as Piening had promised. However, it soon turned out that my doubts were unnecessary. I can recommend Piening to all job-seeking specialists."

Kamil Jedynak, electronics technician

"I have been with Piening since 2014 working for the same client from the beginning. My job is to install electrical components in rail vehicles.

I particularly like the fact that I always get the help I need. I can turn to my HR Consultant as well as other Piening staff at any time with any problem. The work atmosphere is very good as well.

Initially, my German wasn’t very good but with help of the friendly, Polish-speaking assistants everything could be explained and settled without problems. To me, a very positive fact is that Piening always pays our salaries punctually and reliably.

That’s why I am very pleased to work with this company."

Thomas Tkotz, electronics technician

"I worked as an electronics energy engineer at Piening for 5 years. After only a short time with the company I was employed in well-known domestic and international companies, e.g. in China, Dubai, Iceland and the Netherlands. During that time I was able to expand my professional knowledge, also in the field of software control. I was always under the care of experienced HR Consultants who took care of regular and punctual payment of my salary along with additional social benefits, such as holiday pay and Christmas bonus.

For personal reasons I decided to return home after 10 years of work on Construction Site with Piening. The experience gained at Piening helped me find a new job. Taking everything into account I can honestly say working with Piening was pleasant and fruitful; my interests and ideas were always listened to and my knowledge and skills were highly appreciated and promoted. I can recommend Piening as an employer to anyone."

Miroslaw Winiarski, electronics technician

"In Poland, unfortunately, I could not find a job in my learned profession; therefore I am glad I got a chance at Piening. So far I have been very happy with the cooperation. I always get my money on time and thanks to Piening I can look forward to the future."

Michael Breitenbach, electronics technician

"So far my experiences as a Piening employee can be asserted positively. I’ve learned many new things here that have helped me in my professional career. Moreover, my HR Consultant as well as my employer have always treated me equally, honestly and fairly. Whenever any questions or problems came up they tried to help me as soon and as good as possible."