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As a provider of personnel and HR services Piening Montage provides its clients with temporary, qualified employees for carrying out orders and work in your region as well as throughout Europe. Our staff that works on Construction Site is flexible in terms of time and availability - in case of short-term orders, within 12 hours in Germany and 24 hours abroad. Thus, we help our clients solve problems related to production capacity and avoid pressure of time, cost and competition.

Piening Montage as a Partner

Your project - our specialists!

Our employees are available and ready to work in various areas. During recruitment we support our clients comprehensively, competently and reliably in short-, medium- or long-term cooperations in temporary work.

We have the following specialists available:

  • Skilled workers and specialists (m/f/d) in electrical engineering
  • Skilled workers and specialists (m/f/d) in the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary engineering
  • Locksmith, mechatronics technician, industrial and construction mechanic (m/f/d)
  • Welder (m/f/d)
  • Production worker (m/f/d), Production helper (m/f/d)
  • Employee (m/f/d) Warehouse / Logistics / Picking


Why Piening Montage?

  • Experience: Working for over 35 years in temping - hiring out employees - we use our extensive knowledge and high competence in the field of personnel services.
  • Quality: We are regularly certified in terms of quality management in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008.
  • Strong commitment in the field of occupational safety, health promotion and health protection: Our special department with safety engineers implements all measures related to health and safety at work. In addition, we are systematically working on further projects related to this area.
  • Motivated and qualified employees: We employ in accordance with employees’ skills and qualifications that match the client's company and its requirements. We attach great importance to the personal development of our employees.
  • Satisfied colleagues: We are certified as a Great Place to Work® and are one of the best employers at the level of German medium sized businesses.
  • Credibility: We are reliable and keep our promise. Our clients are immediately informed should we be unable to fill vacancies. Piening stands for quality, service and reliability.
  • Social responsibility and responsibility in the labor market: In the general association of personnel service providers (GVP e.V.), we actively engage in the development of the temporary work sector, for example in the field of education and training.
  • Most of the Piening Montage employees have a german licence for Working platforms and cherry picker, also the necessary valid health check-ups.

Piening Group

On the way to the best provider of personnel and HR services

We are convinced that the success of many companies and enterprises depends more and more on proper staffing at workplaces and positions. That is why our company, Piening Personal, helps its clients find appropriate personnel. It is also important for us to offer our employees a job that is suitable for them and in which they can continuously develop themselves.

To better meet the requirements of our clients and applicants, in addition to staffing production and industrial positions, we have also specialized in other areas of activity, e.g. in the field of assembly, installation, maintenance, IT, logistics, and other commercial occupations.

Family business in the second generation

As a family company managed by the owner we focus on the highest values. Since establishing the company in 1979 people have been our highest asset. Our success proves that we are right in this respect. Our company is one of the largest personnel service providers in Germany and has over 90 locations, one of which is certainly situated near you. More than 7,000 employees work for us throughout the country - maybe our employees will soon be working for you as well?
Social responsibility and honesty are undeniably important to us. That is why we are strongly and operatively involved in our activities in the registered Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies (IGZ). Our company has already received several awards as one of the best employers at the level of German medium sized businesses.

Would you like to obtain more information about our company: Piening-Personal? Here you can find more information about the Piening Group.

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+49 5241 9929 100   We look forward to your call.

Provider of personal services with distinction

We have held appropriate permits regarding temporary work for over 40 years. In addition, the numerous certificates we possess prove high quality of our work, which is constantly optimized and adapted to ever-changing requirements. This is also how we were recognised as a Great Place to Work®.

In terms of quality, health protection and work safety, we are also subject to regular audits, inspections and examinations carried out by experts. Since 1997 we have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

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Our customer references

Our portfolio is as individual as our clients and their companies. We support our clients with qualified personnel in many fields and industries and in accordance with their individual requirements and conditions. Our employees are highly qualified specialists and experts. Therefore our clients and we are flexible in regard to all personnel matters.

We always serve our clients honestly and competently, starting with the first, non-binding advice regarding job advertisement to the employment process.

Take a closer look at some of our reference clients