How we work

A fair employer to satisfy employees and clients

Piening specializes in recruitment of specialists and manpower in the industrial sector and craft industry. The demand for qualified specialists is huge. The lack of qualified employees makes it more and more difficult to find good craft specialists. We are a partner who provides our clients with qualified specialists at the right time and place. We are a fully responsible and reliable employer for our employees and associates.

During work on Construction Site our employees are properly protected by us and provided with the necessary care. Everyone benefits from this because: satisfied employees are motivated and more productive which results in better work.

Our employees:

Our employees are contracted as temporary workers. Our clients usually have short-term needs for specialists in the industrial sector and craft industry. Temporary work allows us to provide the right workforce at exactly the required period of employment. We provide and offer attractive remuneration and guaranteed jobs. It also means employment in various enterprises for our employees. This results not only in interesting and exciting working days but also allows gaining new and valuable experiences relating to various industries and work with various clients.

Our values:

At Piening people are the most important asset. We know that it is impossible to conduct our activity without our employees. We are a family owned business and due to the fact that an important aspect for us is long-term and good cooperation we treat our employees honestly and respectfully. To be mentioned above all: honest remuneration as well as taking into account individual requirements and wishes regarding the place and time of work is a must. In order for positions and occupations to correspond to the skills of our employees, they are coordinated by HR Consultants who have appropriate training in a given craft sector. That is why we know what we are doing.


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(We speak English, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian and German)