Are you looking for qualified personnel?

As a provider of personnel and HR services Piening provides its clients with temporary, qualified employees for carrying out orders and work in your region as well as throughout Europe. Our staff that works on Construction Site is flexible in terms of time and availability - in case of short-term orders, within 12 hours in Germany and 24 hours abroad. Thus, we help our clients solve problems related to production capacity and avoid pressure of time, cost and competition.

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Are you looking for craft workers for long-term employment and in order to possibly contract them directly?

We recruit employees from abroad for craft enterprises who are not able to fill vacancies. We mainly recruit specialists from Spain: they come to Germany and take on long-term, paid jobs here. At the beginning, as part of temporary work, the employee is outsourced to the client. After a certain time the employee is contracted directly by the craft company. To make this concept work Piening supports employees in language courses and helps them with a comprehensive relocation process.

Your project - our specialists!

Piening Montage as a Partner

Our employees are available and ready to work in various areas. During recruitment we support our clients comprehensively, competently and reliably in short-, medium- or long-term cooperations in temporary work.

We have the following specialists available:

  • Electronics technician for energy and construction technology
  • Mechatronics technician and switchgear assembler
  • Measurement and control technician
  • Power and electro-technical systems electronics technician
  • Process control electronics technician
  • Painter (corrosion protection)
  • SHK Mechanic 
  • Machine mechanic and fitter
  • Design and industrial mechanic
  • Welder (MAG, MIG, WIG, acetylene-oxygen welding, electrode welding)
  • CNC specialists
  • Laminator
  • Carpenter

Why Piening Montage?

  • Experience: Working for over 35 years in temping - hiring out employees -, we use our extensive knowledge and high competence in the field of personnel services.
  • Quality: We are regularly certified in terms of quality management in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008.
  • Strong commitment in the field of occupational safety, health promotion and health protection: our special department with safety engineers implements all measures related to health and safety at work. In addition, we are systematically working on further projects related to this area.
  • Motivated and qualified employees: We employ in accordance with employees’ skills and qualifications that match the client's company and its requirements. We attach great importance to the personal development of our employees.
  • Satisfied colleagues: We have received the TOP-JOB award several times and thus are one of the best employers at the level of German medium sized businesses.
  • Credibility: We are reliable and keep our promise. Our clients are immediately informed should we be unable to fill vacancies. Piening stands for quality, service and reliability.
  • Social responsibility and responsibility in the labor market: In the Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies (iGZ e.V.), we actively engage in the development of the temporary work sector, for example in the field of education and training.
  • Most of the Piening Montage employees have a german licence for Working platforms and cherry picker, also the necessary valid health check-ups.
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