"How can an employer give someone a car just like that?"

Grzegorz Piotrowski was the first winner of the birthday raffle of Piening Personal. In May last year he was lured to the headquarters in Sennestadt under a pretext. Once there, the surprise was big when managing director Holger Piening suddenly drove up in a brand new Ford Ka. About six months have passed since then. We met Grzegorz again for a short interview and asked him how he has experienced the time with his new car since then.

Mr Piotrowski, when you look back today, how would you describe the situation?

I remember exactly how surprised I was. At the time, I was not aware any more that I had registered for a raffle - especially as my wife had taken over registration for me back in February. I really thought that I was supposed to have an interview about the shortage of skilled workers. My knees were very weak when Mr. Piening drove up in the car - I still like to watch the video of the handover today. I really only realized in Poland that it was my car. Before that I was waiting for someone to stop me and say that it was all just a joke. But after the border I was sure. Thanks again for this great surprise!

How did your colleagues react back then?

The colleagues who lived with me in the same accommodation could not believe it any more than I could. If there hadn't been the big Piening sign on the car, nobody would have believed I had won the car. But I think we have a ‘lucky’ accommodation. There were indeed several winners during the year... but nobody else got a car. That's really something special.

What was the reaction in Poland? What did family and friends say?

I called my wife that evening and her first reaction was: 'What colour is the car?' Then she laughed and was happy. And my mother still can't realize it to this day. She constantly wonders how a German employer can give someone a car just like that. But she is also the one who tells all her friends and acquaintances in Poland about my prize.

Are you satisfied with the car? Do you even drive it yourself?

Yes, my wife and I are very satisfied. We had two old cars before, one of them had given up shortly before, so we had to get another used one. We never expected to be driving a new car. After the win I re-registered the car in Poland. Then I drove it for two months in Germany. But now my wife drives it. But every tune I'm back in Poland, I drive it myself. For the long distances (almost 1,200 km from home to Germany) it is cheaper for me to drive my gas car. But I always look forward to driving in Poland with my comfortable little car. On top of that: I always wanted to drive a small white car.

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