Piening Employee wins car

SUPRISE! We really managed to fool Grzegorz P.! Under false pretences, he was lured to our headquarters in Bielefeld where Managing Director Holger Piening pulled up with Grzegorz’s new car which he had won in the employee prize draw in honor of Piening’s 40th anniversary. The joy was clearly visible on Grzegorz’s face. In the run-up there were many doubts if Piening would actually raffle cars, but Grzegorz P.  can now confirm that it is the case – the surprise was a success.

Let’s start from the beginning once more

Piening Personal raffles many high quality prizes this year due to the 40th anniversary of the company – amongst others four brand-new Ford KA. Grzegorz P. had forgotten about the fact that he had registered for the prize draw when he came to the Piening Headquarters last week. He thought he was supposed to attend an interview about the lack of qualified employees in Germany. He also agreed to have his picture taken in front of the building – but it didn’t happen quite that way. No sooner Grzegorz P. met with his contacts from the branch Markus Sander and Joanna Chalubiec outside the main entrance than the sound of a horn echoed across the parking lot.

A successful surprise

Even then Grzegorz P. still wasn’t suspicious. Only when the honking and decorated car, with Managing Director Holger Piening behind the wheel, stopped right in front of him, he realized what was happening. While the lucky winner stood speechless in front of his new car, Holger Piening congratulated him and was visibly happy about the successful surprise. After the first time of sitting behind the wheel of his new car and officially receiving the keys, a picture of the lucky winner was taken after all.

We wish Grzegorz a safe journey back home and always ‘bon voyage’ with his new vehicle.

Have you always dreamt about being surprised with a new car or other great prizes as well? Then register until November to take part in the anniversary-draw (Attention: Only valid for external employees of Piening actively working with one of our customers). For more information on how to enter the raffle please contact your Piening contact person.

See the surprise in this video

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