Get international experience working abroad

Want to see more of the world and test your skills and abilities internationally? We will help you open the door to the world. In cooperation with Piening you have the opportunity to work abroad and find interesting international assignments. Skilled craft specialists and experienced industrial workers are needed everywhere.

Our clients are companies that execute international orders, which is why our employees are located in similar environments. When working abroad our employees remain under the constant care of our team. Our company deals with all organizational matters such as accommodation, flight reservation, visas, permits, etc., so that the workers can concentrate on their work without disturbances.

Further information

"I worked as an electronics energy engineer at Piening for 5 years. After only a short time with the company I was employed in well-known domestic and international companies, e.g. in China, Dubai, Iceland and the Netherlands. During that time I was able to expand my professional knowledge, also in the field of software control. I was always under the care of experienced HR Consultants who took care of regular and punctual payment of my salary along with additional social benefits, such as holiday pay and Christmas bonus.

For personal reasons I decided to return home after 10 years of work on Construction Site with Piening. The experience gained at Piening helped me find a new job. Taking everything into account I can honestly say working with Piening was pleasant and fruitful; my interests and ideas were always listened to and my knowledge and skills were highly appreciated and promoted. I can recommend Piening as an employer to anyone."

Thomas Tkotz, electronics technician
Hebebühne unterliegt Arbeitsschutz
Safety at work

Your safety is our priority

The safety and security of our employees always comes first. We have the highest possible safety standard.

How do we secure a safe working place?
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How we work

What distinguishes our work

Find out what "temporary work" at Piening means and what regulations it is subject to in Germany.

How we satisfy both our employees and clients
Konstruktionsmechaniker auf Einsatz in ganz Deutschland
Work in Germany

Do you want to work in Germany?

Skilled craft workers are offered attractive jobs on Construction Site throughout Germany in various industries and fields of employment.

Find out more about working in Germany
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+49 5241 9929 0 (We speak English, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian and German)



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