Are you looking for a job in Germany?

Piening employees travel a lot: placements of employment with our clients lead to wind farms in the North Sea, mechanical engineering plants in eastern Westphalia, construction works on bridges or building tunnels in the Alps, for example. Employment at Piening means working all over Germany and getting to know different companies and people. We offer diversified work and exciting tasks in various areas of employment. In addition to work our employees have the opportunity to get to know the country, various regions, and interesting cities. Our entire Piening team works efficiently and effectively. We take care of full accommodation of our employees as well as of related formalities.

If you are interested in contributing your forces and possibilities of "know-how" to works on Construction Site in Germany, please contact us! Together we will check the possibilities of your employment.

"I come from Podkarpacie in Poland. My work adventure in Germany began in 2012 with a company from Rzeszów. Within two years I was able to gain a lot of interesting professional experiences related to working abroad. However, I was very unhappy with the irregular payment of remuneration for the work done.

In 2014, I started my cooperation with Piening. After two years of working for this company, I can honestly say that there have never been problems with punctual payment of salary and all promises have been kept. In addition, I can still learn the language and explore the country which inspired me very much. That's why I can recommend work at Piening to everyone."

Piotr Rymut, machines and devices mechanic

Piening supports its employees

Working abroad in a new environment requires a lot of courage and strength. The knowledge of the new labor market, legal regulations and language skills are important as well. In order to prepare our employees the best possible way we support them and help in:

  • Organizing language courses;
  • Travel to Germany;
  • Searching for the appropriate accommodation;
  • Setting up a bank account;
  • Registration at the tax office;
  • Filing an application for family benefits; 
  • Registering for health and family insurance.

We are always helpful and available to our employees also during the execution of their work and orders. Each employee has an assigned HR Consultantwho supports him and helps with all issues and problems. 

If you are interested in contributing your forces and possibilities of "know-how" to works on Construction Site in Germany, please contact us! Together we will check the possibilities of your employment.

Hebebühne unterliegt Arbeitsschutz
Safety at work

Your safety is our priority

The safety and security of our employees always comes first. We have the highest possible safety standard.

How do we secure a safe working place?
Zufriedener Mitarbeiter bei Piening Montage Header
How we work

What distinguishes our work

Find out what "temporary work" at Piening means and what regulations it is subject to in Germany.

How we satisfy both our employees and clients
Mitarbeiter auf Baustelle im Ausland
Work in other foreign countries

On construcion sites all over the world

At Piening everyone has the opportunity to gain experience at work and in international jobs.

Oportunity of working abroad
Contact us

+49 5241 9929 0 (We speak English, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian and German)



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