Safety at work is our priority - because your safety is important to us!

Health and safety of employees is our priority. Our unit is subject to certifications: since 1997 to DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate. Thanks to a properly operating health and safety system we provide our employees with the highest possible level of security at the workplace. Our company provides comprehensive training and access to health and safety instructions for all employees.

What we do for the safety and health of our employees at work:

  • We provide our employees with high-quality protective clothing and protective equipment such as helmets, safety glasses, protective earpieces, etc. 
  • All our electrical tools are inspected in accordance to the DGUV 3 directive.
  • All Piening employees receive safety instructions for each Construction Site individually
  • We offer training in first aid and driver safety.
  • Our entire department is responsible for work safety and ready to give advice on issues related to health and safety at the workplace.
  • Most of the Piening Montage employees have a german licence for Working platforms and cherry picker, also the necessary valid health check-ups.

"I have been with Piening since 2014 working for the same client from the beginning. My job is to install electrical components in rail vehicles.

I particularly like the fact that I always get the help I need. I can turn to my HR Consultant as well as other Piening staff at any time with any problem. The work atmosphere is very good as well.

Initially, my German wasn’t very good but with help of the friendly, Polish-speaking assistants everything could be explained and settled without problems. To me, a very positive fact is that Piening always pays our salaries punctually and reliably.

That’s why I am very pleased to work with this company. "

Kamil Jedynak, electronics technician

Health and safety at work are the highest priority at Piening

Health and safety at work are the highest priority at Piening

Health and safety at work are the highest priorities at Piening: our company adheres to all legal requirements and we take further measures and steps to ensure safety of our employees. Piening has already received the Safety Award three times (safety at work award) for compliance with and implementation of health and safety obligations. This award confirms that our company is doing a good job. Nevertheless, we constantly improve and update topics concerning the safety and health of our workers in at work and constantly adjust our measures to the changing conditions and factors.

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