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Work on Construction Site - what does it actually mean?

Work on Construction Site should be understood as employing an employee in a place away from his usual workplace and home. Employees, who work on Construction Site in Germany or other foreign countries have a chance to meet many new people, see new workplaces, localities and interesting and attractive companies and enterprises. Life on Construction Site is anything but boring.


Work on Construction Site at Piening

Many small craft companies are struggling to survive today: job security is not always the case and wages are often paid late. At Piening employees can count on a comprehensive employment contract and a good salary paid on time. We also offer our employees language courses, all insurance, and a comprehensive commitment to comply with occupational health and safety regulations; all these are part of the all-inclusive package for our employees. Use your chance and discover new opportunities to work in Germany as a qualified Piening employee.

Hebebühne unterliegt Arbeitsschutz
Occupational Health and Safety

Our employees’ safety is our highest priority. That is why we adhere to the highest possible security standards.

How do we secure a safe workplace?
Zufriedener Mitarbeiter bei Piening Montage Header
How we work

What distinguishes our work

Find out what "temporary work" at Piening means and what regulations it is subject to in Germany.

How we satisfy both our employees and clients
Konstruktionsmechaniker auf Einsatz in ganz Deutschland
Work in Germany

Do you want to work in Germany?

Skilled craft workers are offered attractive jobs on Construction Site throughout Germany in various industries and fields of employment.

Find out more about working in Germany
Mitarbeiter auf Baustelle im Ausland
Work in other foreign countries

On construcion sites all over the world

At Piening everyone has the opportunity to gain experience at work and in international jobs.

Oportunity of working abroad

Further information:

Comprehensive support service: Our employees are comprehensively supported by our team during their assignments.

Contact us

+49 5241 9929 0 (We speak English, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian and German)



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